I am a consulting psychologist, organizational consultant, executive coach and family business consultant. I have been working with a variety of clients internationally and have practiced and consulted for over thirty-five years.

John Blattner Ph.D.


In addition to posting my work experiences, I will post some of the fun stuff that I do to help create a work-life balance. Enjoy!


John Blattner, Ph.D., is President and CEO at PAS International, Inc. He specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, organizational culture assessment, executive assessment, staff development and scenario and strategic planning for national and international organizations.

For the past 35 years, John has assisted individuals and organizations to manage change and develop their individual and organizational strengths. He works with CEOs, Superintendents, Presidents and Senior Executives to help them develop as leaders. He has helped hundreds of individuals across functional areas including Finance, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and HR. John's areas of coaching specialty include: communication skills, delegation, conflict resolution, effective supervision, stress management, dealing with problem employees, and goal setting.

At the organizational level, John consults on strategic planning and development. He provides workshops and seminars at all levels of the organization. He helps companies with climate and culture transformation. John consults with organizations on managing employees with performance issues. He has designed and executed professional development programs for large organizations including:

    General Mills
    Advocate Health Care
    District #204 (Naperville, IL)
    DSM (Netherlands)

John is a frequent speaker, author, and television commentator. He is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. from the Fielding Graduate University. He has served in numerous leadership roles for the Illinois Psychological Association, including President, as well as the Executive Board for The Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13) of the American Psychological Association.

Division 13

Please allow me this opportunity to highlight some of the pertinent leadership roles I have held in the Society of Consulting Psychology and Illinois Psychological Association within the past few years.

Society of Consulting Psychology - APA Division 13

  • 2002: Chair of the Hospitality Suite for APA
  • 2003: Chair for SCP program at APA
  • 2004: Committee member, SCP Mid-Winter Conference; Chair, Consulting Section, Illinois Psychological Association
  • 2005: Created the Ambassador Program for first time Mid-Winter Conference attendees; responsible for pre- and post-conference workshops; Chair, Organizational Development/Renewal committee; President-elect Illinois Psychological Association
  • 2006: Leader, Ambassador Program, SCP Mid-Winter Conference; Chair, Organizational Development/Renewal committee; President, Illinois Psychological Association
  • 2007: Leader, Ambassador Program, SCP Mid Winter Conference, Past-President, Illinois Psychological Association
  • 2008: Leader, Ambassador Program, SCP Mid Winter Conference, APA Council Representative IPA
  • 2009: Leader, Ambassador Program SCP Mid Winter Conference, Elected to Executive Board of Society of Consulting Psychology
  • 2010: Leader, Ambassador Program SCP Mid Winter Conference, Executive Board member SCP
  • 2011: Leader, Ambassador Program SCP Mid Winter Conference, Executive Board member SCP
  • 2012: Leader, Ambassador Program SCP Mid Winter Conference, Executive Board member SCP


In addition to posting my work experiences, posted here are some of the fun stuff that I do to help create a work-life balance. These photos are taken of me at various activities and events.

  • Arizona Psych Convention PHWA 2014

  • Grandparents with Grandkids - 2014

  • Summer 2014 with Grandkids.

  • John after completing his 2nd Duathlon.

  • With son Joe and Ranger Katie, Glacier National Park 2012

  • Family gathering after after June 2012 Batavia Duathon

  • Finishing with son Brian @ the June 2012 Batavia Duathon

  • Kathy - My wife and partner riding in Arizona

  • John after June 2012 Batavia Duathon

  • 2011 Healthy Workplace Award, Arizona Psychological Assn.

  • Grandchildren Luke, Elizabeth, and Ben

  • With sons after Colorado River Trip

  • Trinidad 2011 - NuIron Management Retreat

  • Fly Fishing on Bitteroot River, Montana

  • Hiking Rattlesnake with Son Joe

  • John with sons Brian and Joe on Mt. Rainier

  • Dr. Libby Howell - AzPA President, Buddy Blattner - CEO Active Screw & Fastener

  • Div 13 Board Retreat 2010

  • John hiking on Mt. Rainier

  • Going through a rapid on the Colorado River

  • Along the Colorado River with sons, Brian, Bill and Joe

  • Presiding as President at IPA Council Meeting

  • Enjoying a waterfall while rafting down the Colorado River

  • With Daughter's-in-Law Katy and Nicki

  • Hiking in Blodgett Canyon in Bitterroot Mountains, Montana

  • Receiving Gavel from Dr. Cerbone to assume Presidency of IPA

  • With Judy Kupiers from Fielding Graduate Institute

  • At Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier with son Joe

  • Cycling with sons Brian and Bill

  • Lobbying Capital Hill - Senator Richard Durbin

  • Drs. Halpin,Cerbone,Blattner - IPA Presidents

  • Drs. Koller,Grossman,Blattner at the State Leadership Conference APA

  • Drs. Johnson, Blattner and Lemke at Illinois State University

  • Drs. Allen Szalda-Petree and Blattner. Lecturing at The University of Montana


Selection of presentations, publication, and downloadable documents.


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View: Stress: What's the Big Deal?

Stress: What's the Big Deal?


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Men & Alcoholism

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Building Effective Leadership Teams

Building a Resilient Team

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Building a High Performance Team

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Accountable Communication

Distinguished Psychologist

2006 Distinguished Illinois Psychologist Awardee

It is my pleasure to present this year's Distinguished Illinois Psychologist Award. Our awardee, Dr. John Blattner, is currently completing his term as Past-President of IPA after a very productive year as President.

For years people attempted to convince John to run for President of IPA. As many of you know, he had a long and successful career as Chair of the Consulting Section. As Chair for nearly a decade he created a number of programs that continue today. For example his Consulting Café brought members together on a regular basis to hear a range of impressively credentialed speakers. He also created a Consulting section listerv that allowed section leaders to communicate with members as well as member-to-member communication. People who experienced these programs wanted John to bring this kind of thinking to the entire IPA.

When John finally decided to run for IPA President he did so only after organizing his life so that he would have the time to dedicate to the position and after consulting with his family to ensure their support. John was the first person to run for this office who put together a website so that members could see his position on issues and his plans for the IPA.

John brought a wide range of experience to his presidency. A short list of his experience includes working for years as a clinician treating individuals, couples and families. He initiated and managed effective EAP programs at five companies. He has treated individuals with chemical dependence and has performed DUI evaluations for the Illinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance abuse. He has trained pre- and post- doctoral students and has provided consultation and training to clinical staff. As a consultant John provides individual coaching and developmental plans. He develops and delivers executive retreats and seminars. He initiates organizational assessments and assesses individuals for executive positions. Some of his earliest experiences in the field began in the military where he was given the Army Commendation Medal and honorably discharged in 1973.

John drew on these professional experiences during his presidential year. He began a strategic planning process that continues today. To ensure that this process was successful, he brought two senior consultants, Drs. Bernie Liebowitz and Gene Morrissy, to a number of Council meetings to help facilitate this process. These experts volunteered their time to help us and I am personally very indebted to them for their help. John also managed to find funds to help us conduct a membership survey and upgrade the office computer system and hardware. John has an appreciation for the need to encourage participation in the association by minorities, students and early career psychologists. He has brought new blood into the association as can be seen by our executive committee, half of whom had never served in an executive position before.

So with that I would like to call Dr. Blattner to the podium and present him with the 2006 IPA Distinguished Psychologist Award.


Chris E. Stout, PsyD, MBA
IPA President 1998-99

"I have known John for many years, and have always been impressed with his creativity, his commitment, and his leadership abilities. We first met when he was elected as Chair for what he successfully redrafted as the current Consulting Section of IPA. His work and leadership in that section is a wonderful showcase of his skills and a legacy that will forever benefit the section and its members. I know John will bring great leadership skills as President of IPA, and will be a benefit to us all and the organization."

Gene Morrissy, Ph.D., ABPP
RHR International Company

"JB is a tireless, enthusiastic catalyst for change who will elevate IPA's efforts to promote the full range of psychological specialties. I endorse him without reservation."

Virginia Mullin, PsyD
Executive Board Div 13/Consulting Psychology/APA

"John has shown innovative leadership and excellent interpersonal skills in his many roles that have crossed my path. I believe that he can truly lead IPA to new heights, with an increased sense of belonging for the diversity that we as psychologists value."

Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., PCC
ACP Consultants

"My experience with John Blattner has been working with him as the Chair of the Consulting Section. Through John's tireless energy and devotion, he built the Consulting Section into an active, vibrant organization that works hard to meet the needs of its members. I endorse John Blattner's candidacy for President of IPA unconditionally."

Marlin Hoover, Ph.D.
Past President of IPA

"Dr. John Blattner is an ideal candidate for the IPA Presidency. John is an astute analyst of organizations and has the skill to use his knowledge to assist forward movement. John is a fine clinician who combines great sensitivity with an ability to form constructive alliances with others to work for change. John has a broad perspective on the needs of the public and their profession. John has a proven track record as he has built the Consulting Section of the IPA into our association's most dynamic unit. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have as president of the Illinois Psychological Association."


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